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Since 1959, Generac has been revolutionizing the industry with reliable and durable generators at an affordable price because emergency preparedness shouldn’t be restricted by budgetary concerns. Keep the lights on with one of the most dependable solutions from the best generator company.

Kohler Generators

For guaranteed quality, Kohler is the one to trust. Each generator is meticulously tested before being sent to production and then tested again to ensure your home or business can weather the storm without any worries. Experience the fast, reliable power of Kohler today.

Cummins Generation

As the largest global generator company, Cummins delivers on reliable performance and superior quality. Whether you need backup power for your home, business, or industrial facility, Cummins will keep life moving.

The Best Generator Company Serving PA, NJ, DE, and MD

If the power went out right now, would you feel confident in your family’s safety and security? Would your business operations come to a screeching halt? Without a standby generator, life is put on hold, and this can have devastating consequences for your family or business. Don’t let your life be dictated by severe weather conditions or problems with your utility company’s power grid. Instead, live life uninterrupted and enjoy peace of mind with the best generators from the leading manufacturers.

At Colonial Generators, we are not just your local generator company; we are your partner in emergencies, ensuring your family or business can face the challenge of power outages head-on. With a team of expert generator contractors and longstanding partnerships with leading manufacturers, you can entrust us to outfit your home, business, or vehicle with the best generator for your needs. Our mission is to make the process of getting standby power painless — and with a vast distribution network of certified generator professionals, we can guarantee it. We proudly offer solutions from Generac, Cummins, and Kohler throughout PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

About Us

#1 in Emergency Generators

Certified & Authorized Dealers. At Colonial Generators, our core passion is helping families and businesses live life unimpeded by power outages. That’s why we carry only the best generators from Cummins, Generac, and Kohler. When you partner with our qualified generator experts, you can trust you’re getting quality solutions that will carry you through one power outage after another.

Local & Global Availability: We are not simply generator dealers; Colonial Generators is your trusted source for all things generators. From the initial site survey through ongoing maintenance services, we provide everything you need to keep your home fully powered, no matter the conditions outside. We sell generators all over the U.S., and we can install, service, and monitor standby generators in PA, NJ, DE, and MD. Colonial’s generator contractors have installed over 1,000 generators, and our job is to make the process of getting a generator easy and painless.

Quick Turnaround Times. Colonial Generators keeps our warehouse well-stocked with a vast selection of generators from the most trusted manufacturers — what this means for you is that you can expect to enjoy your generator with very little turnaround time. Our generator experts will help you choose the proper size generator for your home or business, whether that’s a 6kW or 150kW generator (or larger!). No matter your specific needs, our generator company has what it takes to help your family enjoy life despite the conditions outside your door.

Support Services. Our expert engineers and installation team handles plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permitting with the township so you can enjoy 100% satisfaction completely stress-free.

Expert Generator Installation. Colonial Generators has one corporate location — 473 S. Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. From this location, our crew can install and service PA and NJ as well as DE and MD. We offer free quotes for an entirely hassle-free experience.

Colonial Generators, a part of the Colonial Home Services Family, is a leading emergency home generator installation company. We make the process of purchasing, designing, installing, and monitoring simple and easy. With one call, you will have your home and family protected with state-of-the-art technology and superior service. So, don’t wait for the next power outage to wreak havoc on your life. Protect your family and your business today by calling Colonial Generators.

Emergency Generators for Sale

Emergencies are unavoidable, but you can prepare for them by taking the necessary precautionary measures and partnering with the right company. When the power goes out in your neighborhood, you can trust Colonial Generators to keep your family safe. Our extensive lineup of emergency whole-house generators for sale truly has something for every family, budget, and residence. Our emergency generators aren’t exclusive to a building in the ground, either — we have products for mobile vehicles, including RV generators for sale! No matter your needs, our generator dealers will supply the perfect equipment to keep life humming.

As some of the best generator dealers in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, Colonial Generators prides itself on maintaining knowledge of the industry’s best practices. We work with only the highest quality emergency power products, including: Whether you are upgrading your older, malfunctioning generator or want contractors to install a top-of-the-line generator in your home for the very first time, you can count on us to consult you on models that fit your lifestyle, budget, and power needs. Unlike other companies in PA, NJ, DE, and MD where generator installation is a side offering, generators are all we do. This means you can receive exceptional service and expertise from the initial site survey to the final installation and any ongoing maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns about your system, Colonial Generators will be there.

Certified and Authorized Generator Dealers

We are certified and authorized generator dealers in PA, NJ, DE, and MD, making us a trusted source of reliable, quiet, powerful products from renowned brands. With generators and their components in stock and a fleet of service vehicles, Colonial Generators is prepared to not only recommend your next home generator — but carry on a partnership with you by deploying comprehensive maintenance services to make sure your system is up-to-date and fully functional. Live life worry-free and buy generators online today!

Generator Installation

Whether you’re in a home, operating a business, or out on the open road, our generator installation company will meet you right where you are! From delivery to final hook-up, you can trust our team to execute superior installation services.

Generator Repair

While generators are designed to kick on when you need them the most, like any appliance, they require regular ongoing maintenance and service. When things go wrong, our contractors will diagnose the cause of the issue and take steps to get you back up and running. Additionally, our team will conduct thorough periodic inspections of your generator and its components to ensure you aren’t suddenly left without power due to wear and tear.

Generator Maintenance

To keep your generator running optimally in the most crucial of moments, Colonial Generators offers routine maintenance services. Over time, individual parts will wear down and need to be replaced or adjusted. Our generator contractors take care of this for you, so you can trust your equipment will keep your home powered long after the initial installation.

Generator Options

As a trusted generator company in PA, NJ, DE, and MD, we strive to meet the needs of not just homeowners but also commercial and industrial customers as well. For this reason, we carry a wide range of generator sizes, from 6kW up to 2 MW for industrial and commercial properties. Speak to our specialists today to find out how we can power all your appliances, heating and cooling systems, and more.

Life, Uninterrupted: The Colonial Generators Promise

When you partner with our generator company for installation, repair, or maintenance of your home, commercial, or mobile emergency generator, you can rest assured you’re putting the matter of your power in the right hands. We place a tremendous amount of care in helping you and your family feel comfortable and protected in the event of an outage or other emergency! Don’t wait a second longer to experience the benefits of whole-house generators. We proudly serve communities throughout PA and NJ, including Philadelphia and South Jersey. We also offer solutions for families and businesses in DE and MD. For more information about our services or to buy a generator online, reach out to Colonial Generators today!

What Our Clients Say


    Dustin Gardner

    "Had my Cummins installed a week ago. We are happy with the way the salesperson Christopher explained everything to us. Installation went well too, except the part where they had to cut power off, but you cant hook it up otherwise. The generator is very quite and we like that. Would recommend them."

      Mary Ellen Luongo

      "I would highly recommend Colonia Generators because of the overall ease of the installation. The installers were completely professional, polite and good-natured. Great service and well worth every penny!"

        Maurice Brown

        "They installed My generator the service and the install was awesome these guys went above and beyond they work ethics I will definitely recommend them to people…. The installer Nick I think that’s his name he was awesome"

          Ziggy Stardust

          "Very happy to have our Generator installed, and have already gotten to see how amazing it is to have one as we recently lost power. It turned on all by itself and worked like magic. Install was easy, office took care of permits and answered every question. Very satisfied customer."