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    Dustin Gardner

    "Had my Cummins installed a week ago. We are happy with the way the salesperson Christopher explained everything to us. Installation went well too, except the part where they had to cut power off, but you cant hook it up otherwise. The generator is very quite and we like that. Would recommend them."

      Mary Ellen Luongo

      "I would highly recommend Colonia Generators because of the overall ease of the installation. The installers were completely professional, polite and good-natured. Great service and well worth every penny!"

        Maurice Brown

        "They installed My generator the service and the install was awesome these guys went above and beyond they work ethics I will definitely recommend them to people…. The installer Nick I think that’s his name he was awesome"

          Ziggy Stardust

          "Very happy to have our Generator installed, and have already gotten to see how amazing it is to have one as we recently lost power. It turned on all by itself and worked like magic. Install was easy, office took care of permits and answered every question. Very satisfied customer."