Colonial is in over 1 million homes.

The Colonial Family of companies has been installing and servicing homeowners in the North and Mid-Atlantic States for over two decades.



We only carry the top brands with the best manufacturer warranties. Each generator is installed and serviced by our expert Colonial Generator installer team. Our focus is on providing the “best in class” generators with excellence in installation, service and maintenance.  Our engineers go through rigorous training and each installation is backed by our service guarantee and the manufacturers warranty.  From 7kW to 150kW we carry, install, service and monitor any size generator for home or business.

We sell generators all over the U.S. but we install generators for home and business in the Southeast market.  We have a location at 473 S. Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406.  From this location our crews install & service Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Every generator we install has a commercial grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads over many years. This heavy duty equipment with basic routine maintenance will outlast the ownership of your home.  That’s why it’s a great investment and will increase your sense of well-being.

Mike Mizzola, homeowner, Haddonfield, NJ
“Two years ago we lost power for 3 days. Last year all of my neighbors lost power we didn’t. Never again!.”

George Michaels, homeowner, Villanova, PA
“Pretty much everything I read about Colonial Generators was on the mark.  Simple contract, no heavy sell, installed in a day and it was easy.  I wish everything was this simple”

Susan Wallace, homeowner, Media, PA
“We lost power during most major storms and some minor.  I lost thousands of dollars of food, plus some appliances and several nights at a hotel.  It really adds up – this is a great investment in peace of mind.”


We are the only installer that provides an in-house monitoring service for each of its generators which ensures that your generator will be in good operating condition as a storm approaches.