Down to Business: Commercial Environments Where Backup Generators Are Essential

If the power went out in the next hour, would your business be prepared to keep operations going, or would everything come to a screeching halt? The average power outage lasts between two to three hours. While this may not seem like a very long time for individuals going about their day, it can have devastating consequences for many commercial businesses. If you want to ensure your business can stay afloat no matter what’s happening around you, you need to consider installing a commercial generator. Below are the top five commercial businesses that could benefit from backup generators.


When the power goes out, restaurants stand to lose not only thousands of dollars in revenue but also hundreds of dollars in inventory. Without refrigerators and freezers keeping the food cold, items will begin to spoil. By the time the power comes back on, the restaurant owners may have to toss almost half — if not all — of their food supply.

With a commercial backup generator, restaurants can save their perishable items from spoilage and maintain a steady flow of business. While their competitors have to shut their doors, they can keep their lights on, the air conditioning humming, and food and drink orders flowing. Once the storm passes or the reason for the power outage is resolved, the restaurant with a generator will be known as a refuge and will gain favor in the eyes of diners.

Medical Facilities

One commercial industry that benefits the most from backup generators is the healthcare industry. Hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics need to have backup power to ensure they can continue providing life-saving care, no matter the weather conditions outside their doors.

These standby generators will keep essential medical equipment, such as cardiac monitors and dialysis machines, functioning and ensure medications are kept at the right temperature. In addition to providing critical services, doctors, nurses, and support staff will be able to keep patients comfortable with air conditioning and heating. When it comes to emergencies, there’s no greater asset than a commercial backup generator for healthcare facilities.

Banks & Financial Institutions

When a crisis strikes, people flock to their banks and credit unions to withdraw cash so that they can buy food, water, and other essential items. If a bank can’t keep its doors open due to a power outage, customers will eventually seek a more dependable provider. Generators for banks enable financial institutions to provide critical services without any interruptions. They will not have to worry about security breaches or customers turning to their competitors. Instead, they can provide their customers with peace of mind.


When a power outage occurs, people expect to still be able to get necessities from their local stores. It would not look great for a retailer’s reputation if they had to close their doors due to a loss of power. Generators for the retail industry ensure customers can stock up on food, bottled water, and other necessities, whether the storm is on the horizon or already ravaging the town.

Other shops besides grocery stores can also benefit from backup generators. These appliances will protect clothing stores, drugstores, flower shops, beauty stores, and more from financial loss during power outages by allowing them to keep their lights on and serve customers.


Commercial offices are another business that benefits from backup generators. With a generator, they don’t have to worry about losing power or what that would mean for their productivity. They can keep their computers on and not risk losing essential data. Plus, they will be able to maintain a comfortable environment for their employees. With the power to live life uninterrupted, it’s no wonder so many businesses are installing standby generators.

Enjoy the Benefits of Commercial Backup Generators Yourself

Is your commercial business one of the industries that would benefit most from a backup generator? Even if your organization wasn’t mentioned above, it still pays to invest in a power generator. At Colonial Generators, we’re committed to helping businesses like yours keep their doors open so that they can continue serving their customers.

If you’re tired of business coming to a halt every time a storm blows in or the utility grid goes down, reach out to our experts about a generator installation in NJ or PA. We have commercial Kohler generators for sale as well as models from Generac and Cummins. To learn more, contact us today! We would be more than happy to share how your commercial business could benefit from a backup generator.