5 Standby Generator Accessories You Need to Harness the Full Power of a Generator

When you invest in a backup generator, you’re not just powering your home — you’re guaranteeing your family’s safety, well-being, and happiness in the most stressful times. With one powerful piece of machinery, you can live life uninterrupted. And if you want to get the most value out of your generator, you should consider investing in five essential accessories. These generator accessories will ensure you don’t get plunged into the dark when storms blow in or the main power grid goes down.

Generator Pads

Standby generators must be level in order to operate effectively. Of course, our yards are never perfectly level, which means you must outfit your generator with a specialized pad. This standby generator accessory keeps your unit stable during any weather conditions. These pads are made of high-strength fibers and cement to ensure they don’t shift, crack, or corrode at the worst possible moment.

For additional support, you can consider attaching your generator to a hurricane generator pad. This type of pad combines water with a special polymer to increase the pad’s weight to 330 pounds during installation. The accessory’s weight will ensure your generator remains stable and provides backup power when you need it most.

Maintenance Kits 

Generator maintenance is essential to ensuring your equipment operates properly for years to come. For this reason, maintenance kits are a standby accessory every homeowner should have on hand. When choosing a kit, make sure it has been designed and tested for your specific model.

While kits vary based on each generator model, most include extra oil, oil filters, air filters, and spark plugs. With these tools handy, you can tackle minor generator issues and keep your system running optimally. Of course, if you ever run into major complications, it’s always best to hire a professional to take care of the repairs.

Smart Management Accessories

Smart home accessories are taking the world by storm — and standby generators have not escaped the downpour! Thanks to smart home technology, you now have the option to monitor and control your backup generator from anywhere. You can connect a remote monitoring system to your generator to be able to check its operation from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can even receive alerts of potential problems with this amazing standby generator accessory, allowing you to seek repairs before you lose all power.

Another generator accessory you may want to consider is smart management modules. These modules connect to individual electric circuits so that you can assign priority levels to the different circuits throughout your home. These standby generator accessories will ensure your important appliances, such as your fridge and HVAC system, will remain on while power can be cut to lower-priority items, such as your television.

An Automatic Transfer Switch

What is an automatic transfer switch? This switch turns your generator on automatically during a power outage and turns it back off as soon as power is restored. This standby generator accessory is essential if you add a generator to your house. It’s especially beneficial during inclement weather, as it ensures you don’t have to risk your safety and well-being by heading out into the storm to turn the generator on.


Generators, unfortunately, produce a great deal of noise as they operate. Due to this, most standby generators are equipped with mufflers to make them more bearable to live with. However, it’s important to note that each muffler has different noise reduction capabilities, and some may be better than others. The good news is that generator owners have the option to equip their generators with new mufflers. As you do your research, make sure you choose a muffler that is the right size for your generator model.

Get a Reliable Source of Power Today!

While these standby generator accessories can protect your investment, they are completely useless if your generator is improperly installed or sized for your home. Fortunately, when you partner with Colonial Generators, you can rest assured that your generator installation in Bucks County, PA, will go off without a hitch and act as a reliable power source for years to come. To find the perfect standby generator for your home (and for advice on the best accessories), reach out to our specialists today!