Why You Should Consider Installing a Generator During Construction

You’ve finally determined it’s time to build your own home! While preparing for a newly constructed house is exciting, there are plenty of decisions that can make your head swirl. Do you go with engineered or natural stone countertops? Should you add a fourth bedroom as an in-law suite? Which side of the house should you place the garage on? Questions like these can make you forget to consider some of the most important things, like backup power.

For many new homeowners, the possibility of power loss is far from their minds. This is because they are planning for a house with new wiring. Why would they need to worry about losing power? The reality, however, is that power outages can occur at any moment, even for newly constructed houses. When you have a backup generator installed during the construction of your house, you can live life uninterrupted. No power outages will prevent you from receiving the electricity you need to keep your air conditioner running, your food cold, and your connection to the internet remaining strong.

It Saves You Money

The greatest benefit of installing a standby generator while your home is under construction is the cost savings you will receive. It’s much easier to add a generator to a new home than to retrofit a unit to a pre-existing house. An electrician will pre-wire your house to accommodate the new generator. Then, your certified generator installer can quickly connect the generator’s automatic transfer switch to the house panel without needing to upgrade the circuit panel or rewire the house. Additionally, if you add a power generator to your house during construction, you can include the installation costs in your mortgage.

It Ensures You’re Prepared for Any Unexpected Storms

As a new homeowner, you’re likely only thinking about the future Thanksgiving dinners you will be able to host in your expansive dining room or the special moments you will share with your family in the cozy living room. You are not thinking about the possibility of a storm knocking out your power. You’re certainly not thinking about how hot or cold the space can get without a working AC unit or how you will not have access to hot water or entertainment for hours (or days) on end. All of your new home’s features will be meaningless once you’ve lost power.

Homeowners who install standby generators while their house is under construction can have peace of mind about their home’s power. They can sleep easily, knowing that a hurricane, snow, or ice storm will not knock out their power. They will be able to keep their home at a comfortable temperature and use their important appliances (such as their refrigerator, sump pump, and washer and dryer) until power is restored.

It’s a Safer Option Than Using Portable Generators

Are you still wondering why you should install a home standby generator while your house is under construction because you know you can just get a portable generator? While there are plenty of portable generators available, it’s important to note that standby generators are much safer. In fact, the American Red Cross recommends installing these permanent generators as a safe source of backup power. With a whole house generator, you don’t need several extension cords zig-zagging across your home and property, and you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. So, kick those portable generators to the curb and install a whole home generator today.

Trust Colonial Generators to Be Your Generator Installation Partner

Don’t wait until you’re living in your new home to consider installing a backup generator. Add a whole house generator to your construction plans to ensure there’s never a moment when you’re without power. The team at Colonial Generators can help you plan for a new generator installation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more about our generator options and for help financing a whole house generator installation.