Storm Preparedness: Protecting Your House, Family & Power Supply

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Days after Hurricane Harvey carved its destructive path along the Texas coast, CNN reported that one “Battered Texas town may be without power for weeks.”

Within hours of Hurricane Irma passing to the north of Puerto Rico, NBC reported that more than 1 million people are left without power on the island and some could be without it for months. As thousands of residents begin to make emergency evacuations or preparation plans in anticipation of Hurricane Irma potentially hitting Florida, we can’t help but think about the shortage in supplies and high demand this week.

While these hurricanes have brought wind and rain of historic proportions, our region faces power-severing storms regardless of the season. In the winter of 2017, Stella left more than 200,000 homes without power amid one of the largest snowfalls of the season, according to The New York Times.

“Every season brings its own weather and its own power risks. The winds during hurricane season can leave entire neighborhoods or entire towns without power for a significant period of time. Winter storms can down power lines and the seasonal cold can compound power restoration efforts,” says Michael Petrakis, president of Colonial Generators. “We believe all homeowners should have the ability to protect their homes, their properties and their families. This is why Colonial Generators has simplified storm readiness for homeowners.”

With a wide range of Cummins, Generac and Kohler  products, Colonial Generators’ expert team can guide you through selection, purchase and installation – including installs in one day or less.

“Home generators are about assurance. Assurance that your family is safe, protected and comfortable,” says Petrakis. “It’s important to think about preparedness now to ensure the safety of your homes before any inclement weather.” Access to a dedicated power system provides power to sump pumps during heavy rains and heat to keep pipes from freezing during cold stretches.

Additionally, installed home generators also increase property value by several thousands of dollars.

Colonial Generators also offers whole house financing for less than $99 per month for qualified buyers. Call 1-844-376-9374 before the power goes out.