What You Need To Know About A Generator For Home

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According to Google Trends, online searches for home generators increased by 4X from the time Hurricane Harvey made landfall until the arrival of Hurricane Irma.

“The historic storms during the 2017 hurricane season have reminded homeowners why they need to plan. Waiting until the power is out isn’t a sound plan,” says Michael Petrakis, president of Colonial Generators. “We believe every homeowner should have the ability to protect his or her home, property and family. This is why Colonial Generators has simplified storm readiness for homeowners.”

How does a standby generator work?

Installed standby generators are typically connected through your homes automatic transfer switch. When the power goes out, the switch senses the loss of power and automatically disconnects from the main utility supply leading to your home. Within 10 seconds your generator will activate and supply power to your home. When utility power is restored, your generator will shut off and your home will again be powered by the utility supply.

What does it take to install a generator?

Colonial Generators trained experts will conduct a site survey and provide recommendations for a generator for your home. After applicable permits are issued – which can be the same day or next day in some communities – the unit is delivered and installed. Colonial Generators tests each install and conducts full post-installment inspections.

What comes with a generator purchase?

Colonial Generators offers a complete package that includes 24×7 monitoring and a 10-year warranty. You should keep the generator free and clear of snow and debris – just as you would your AC unit.

Do I need an installed generator?

Colonial Generators recommends installed standby generators because of their ease-of-use and on-demand access to power. Our team members will guide you through selecting the right generator for your home and your family’s needs – including a full range of Cummins, Generac and Kohler products.

Colonial Generators also offers whole house financing for less than $99 per month for qualified buyers. Call 1-844-376-9374 before the power goes out.