Will My Home Generator Run in the Snow?

When the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re spending your days soaking up nice weather, you probably don’t worry if your standby generator will give you the backup power you need. It’s when winter rolls around and nasty weather rears its ugly head that you need your lights, appliances, HVAC system, and other commodities more than ever.

When Jack Frost comes a-knocking, you may be wondering if your unit will be able to weather the storm — literally.

Unpredictable winter conditions — even forecasted snow and ice — have a habit of ruining even the best-laid plans. Can you count on your generator in the event of a widespread winter power outage? Will it be able to keep you and your family safe and comfortable through wintry precipitation and the inevitable frigid circumstances that come with it? The short answer is yes; a backup generator safeguards you against all types of future power emergencies.

When you turn to Colonial Generators, you can feel confident you’re investing in a backup power system designed to hold its own against ice, snow, and extreme temperatures so you always have power when you need it. With that said, it’s important to properly maintain your generator, especially in winter weather, or you may come face to face with problems that leave you powerless.

How Do I Maintain My Generator in the Winter?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your home generator will be up for the challenge when snow begins to fall.

  • Clear snow away from the intake and vents: Your home generator’s air intake is there for one reason: to take in air. When the intake is clear and there’s proper ventilation, your generator can operate at peak efficiency and cool the engine. If the home generator is buried under a mound of snow, the intake cannot do its job, which may result in your engine overheating or teh generator itself failing. During particularly heavy snow storms, this may mean clearing snow and ice from your generator multiple times a day.
  • Make a path beforehand: If you’ll be cleaning off your home generator, make things easy on yourself; clear a path from your house right to your generator. When you need to minimize your time out in a storm, you don’t want to find yourself trudging through several feet of snow just to get the generator. Having a clear path also ensures easy access if emergency generator maintenance is needed.
  • Look after it all year long: This tip, admittedly, is part of the long-game; all generators must be properly maintained throughout the year. While out-of-sight, out-of-mind may try to ring true during those bird-chirping afternoons, tending to your home generator in all types of weather is a must. Frequent exercise — about 10-30 minutes at least per month — keeps your generator in top condition and extends its lifespan.

Live Life, Uninterrupted — Not Out in the Cold

Snow may be a most-welcome sight if you’re ready to make a snowman or go sledding, but dangerous conditions, wet weather, and higher chances of a power outage are unfavorable conditions that can leave you out in the cold if you’re not prepared.
Don’t face another storm without power; turn to Colonial Generators! Our certified technician can consult you on everything from how long it takes to install a standby generator, generator financing, and beyond. For more information, contact us today!