It Pays to Be Proactive: How a Backup Generator Safeguards Against Future Power Emergencies

From landscape lighting installation to plumbing repair and everything in between, property owners often invest in systems and solutions as they are needed. Of course, this ad-hoc approach helps them stay within budget. However, when it comes to standby power generators, playing the tape forward is a crucial element of that safety and property upkeep investment process. After all, if the power cuts out and you don’t have an emergency source in place, you’re more or less out of luck until the powers that be — Mother Earth herself included — remediate the issue.

Compare a standby generator to a security system. You hope to never need it — but if some externally-induced instance occurs where it actively keeps you, your property, and your family safe, you’re assured the investment is well worth it. Here, we’ll take a close look at a multitude of scenarios in which a backup home generator can come to the rescue big time — and why having one installed before you need it ensures you the power and peace of mind you and your family rely on.

Weathering the Storm

Colonial Generators’ service areas, including counties throughout northeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey, are no strangers to inclement weather — especially in the last decade. Hurricane Sandy and an incessant smattering of tropical storms throughout the years have left countless without power for extended periods and entire cities gridlocked by flooded streets. Summers have clocked in record heat levels for the Keystone State, and area winters have brought their own hefty snow-and-ice dishes to the table. Suffice it to say, those of us on the East Coast all demonstrably understand — nail-bitingly so — the idea of seasons…and then some!

Given the track record of such harsh conditions and widespread outages on a regional level, it behooves homeowners in our community to be ready for the ups and downs of every calendar year. The best way to do that? Invest in a backup home generator! A dependable unit in place makes all the difference between having your power and critical appliances being shielded against the next news-breaking weather event and being subject to the entirety of its devastation when it comes time to collect.

Spotty Connections

Wind, heat, ice, snow, and flooding are all common culprits of outages. However, these sorts of storms and weather conditions — not to mention their domino-effect drawbacks such as downed trees, lightning strikes, or unusually high electrical load demand — aren’t the only context of a lack of power. Other reasons for power outages are caused by things you won’t necessarily be able to forecast, including:

  • Trees or tree limbs coming into contact with power lines
  • Vehicle collisions with utility poles
  • Small animals interfering with electrical equipment
  • Planned maintenance by utility companies
  • Unstable power grids or insufficient infrastructure
  • Excavation digging

If your power experiences “brownout” consistently due to factors that you’re unaware of, an installed standby power generator will be at the ready to help you live life uninterrupted. It doesn’t take a rolling blackout to be put in a dire situation. From perishables to refrigerated medicine, homes and businesses alike have provisions they need to preserve and an unreliable power supply only works against them. The best part about hooking your property up with emergency power? Automatic transfer switches! These take the manual attentiveness out of the equation. Backup generators of today automatically transfer power supply from its primary source to a backup source whenever you need it.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency — Be Proactive and Invest in a Backup Home Generator Today!

All in all, it’s best not to wait for things to go terribly wrong before you can work on making them right. Aside from certified generator installation, our expert team provides generator maintenance and monitoring services to ensure you and yours are never without power again. For more information about our generators and generator financing options, reach out to our specialists today!