In the Press: Suburban Life Magazine Highlights How Colonial Generators Offers Perpetual Peace of Mind

If there’s anything to be gleaned from the past few years, it’s that the world is unpredictable. From a global pandemic and veritable WFH-era to severe weather events and a newfound standard for home comfort, it’s no wonder that property owners are looking for ways to introduce stable, reliable solutions into their spaces. Consistency, safety, normalcy…these are the ideals we strive for — and the principles the team at Colonial Generators diligently upholds.

Our company offers a comprehensive suite of generator services — including everything from initial consultation to generator installation, maintenance, and repair — and understands the plight of the average homeowner, especially one found in southeastern Pennsylvania. An area chock full of breathtaking beauty — and, unfortunately, power outage susceptibility. Our team works hard to ensure members of our community live life, uninterrupted — and when our mission gets shared by reputable publications, we feel elated that the future of staying powered and connected is one step closer to becoming realized. 

Ensuring Our Customers Are Always in Control

Suburban Life Magazine — a publication that’s helped share our story in the past — is back again to showcase a recent client who’s been positively impacted by their partnership with Colonial Generators. Mike Progin, a senior account executive with KYW/WIP Radio, resides on Valley Forge Mountain in Chester County, PA, with his family. Severe weather events — June 2020’s derecho and Hurricane Ida a year later — prompted him to start exploring options for backup power. Having been a past client of our sister company, Colonial Marble & Granite, Progin was pleased to find Colonial Generators, knowing it would be a safe haven of familiarity; a company he knew would deliver on the same caliber of professionalism and personality he’d previously experienced.

“We chose the system that made the most sense for us,” said Progin, “they handled everything else from there.” Progin even recalls work needing to be done to his gas line and recounted our team’s accommodation in getting everything squared away. “There was no work on our end,” he says.

Progin’s testimonial is indicative of our pledge to make the entire process as seamless as possible for all of our customers. From dealing with townships and utility companies, we are dedicated to providing a turnkey solution that makes installation as streamlined for the property owner as possible.

Protecting You and Your Family From the Worst

An increasing number of homeowners are expressing interest in backup home generators now more than ever — and for good reason. With a reliable source of nearly uninterrupted power, our customers can rest assured that food will not spoil when they are on vacation or simply out of the house. Sump pumps are guaranteed to do what they do best, even in the face of outage-worthy storms; keep basements from flooding. The convenience factor alone — with real-time alert capabilities for smartphones and self-diagnostics — is enough for individuals to see the myriad benefits of getting a backup generator.

All of these advantages boil down to peace of mind. Peace of mind is something that should never have to be sacrificed — and with Colonial Generators, it never will.

For more information about how a backup generator safeguards you against future power emergencies, get in touch with our team today.