Specialty and Emergency Vehicles Generators in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Having power isn’t just imperative for homes and businesses; specialty and emergency vehicles need generators designed for rugged applications and conditions out on the road. Colonial Generators offers a complete lineup of dependable, field-tested generators for vehicles and trucks that need secondary power, including everything from emergency response vehicles to food trucks and everything in between. From mobile command centers, telecommunication vehicles, ambulances, utility trucks, and more, rely on Colonial Generators for specialty and emergency vehicle generators.

Generators for Emergency Vehicles

Our generators for emergency vehicles effectively power lights, temperature, rescue equipment, and every other integral component that enables the professionals on board to fulfill their duties. Emergency response vehicles, including ambulances and mobile medical service vehicles, need a constant supply of power for crucial systems that work to protect lives, property, and more. By their very nature, emergency vehicles are away from shore power — often swiftly navigating the shortest route available to their destination. Given such conditions, it’s essential they have a steady supply of power.

When you turn to Colonial Generators for specialty or emergency vehicle mobile generators, you’re placing your trust in a certified team of experts who have the expertise to outfit your vehicles with the ideal generator for your power needs. We understand that you don’t take your job lightly, and you can rest assured that we don’t take ours lightly either.

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Generators for Specialty Vehicles

From bucket trucks to food service trucks, secondary power is a must-have. Our specialists can help you select and install the ideal generator for your specialty vehicles’ needs, perform ongoing maintenance, and make emergency repairs. We know that to do the job, you can’t afford to be down — which is why we work diligently to keep you and your vehicle fully functional on the road.

Specialty and Emergency Vehicle Generators in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

There’s never an opportune time for the power to go out — and that truth especially applies to vehicles critical to a business or public service. By keeping our community powered, we believe we can make an impact so much greater than simply keeping the lights on. We offer generators for specialty and emergency vehicles throughout the following communities:

  • Philadelphia
  • Bucks County
  • Berks County
  • Lancaster County
  • Chester County
  • Montgomery County
  • South Jersey

Partner With Colonial Generators for Life, Uninterrupted

In addition to generators for specialty and emergency vehicles, we offer a suite of other solutions geared toward keeping you and your power system delivering in the face of an outage, including generator repair services and generator installation services. For more information about our specialty and emergency vehicle mobile generators for sale or our services, reach out to the team at Colonial Generators today!