Lights Out…and Then Some: The Hidden Dangers of a Power Outage

If there’s a universal truth we can all agree on, it’s that no one likes a power outage. You’ve got to be extra careful about opening the refrigerator and freezer, entertainment is boiled down to stories and board games, and if you’re unfortunate enough to be faced with a power outage after the sun goes down, you’ve got to move about in the dark.

However, the dangers of a power outage go far beyond comparatively mild inconveniences such as the lights being off for a few hours. There are serious hazards that surface when the power goes down — ones you may have not even considered. By understanding the dire risks associated with an extended blackout, the more valuable the idea of installing a backup power generator for your home will become. Let’s take a look:

Medical Equipment and Medication Is Compromised

If someone in your home relies on specialized medical equipment daily — including everything from adjustable hospital beds, motorized mobility solutions, breathing machines like respirators and ventilators, and beyond  — being without it can be life-threatening. Medical concerns aren’t exclusive to machinery, either: refrigerated medicine runs a high risk of being compromised if it is not in a proper climate-controlled environment. If the power outage is long enough, that medicine will become unusable. Plus, you may be stuck footing the bill for its emergency replacement.

Power Surges Destroy Your Appliances and Other Devices

If you fail to disconnect your appliances — including everything from your washer and dryer to heating and air conditioning systems — or even leave televisions, laptops, and other electronics plugged in, you’re one power surge away from potentially losing everything. When the power eventually comes back on, there’s a chance you won’t let out a sigh of relief by seeing fans spin, hearing the HVAC kick back on, or the TV light up — you’ll be tasked with replacing all sorts of modern-day commodities you and your family depend on.

Your Security System Shuts Down

If you have a hard-wired security system, a power outage means you’re out of luck. This can include everything from cameras on your property and a gated driveway to alarm systems that communicate with local authorities and keyless entry doors. If you need to leave your house for any reason during the outage, a compromised electrical system means you don’t get to take your usual peace of mind with you.

Your Food Spoils — and You May Not Even Know It

If your power is out for several hours, that means most of the food in your freezer and refrigerator has reached an unsafe temperature. You and your family could risk food poisoning or even E. coli by consuming the bad food in your fridge. While warm meat may be an obvious item to discard, many homeowners will attempt to salvage — and then prepare and consume — perishables and other food they don’t realize has turned for the worse. Even if you are prepared to throw everything away, you’re stuck with a hefty grocery bill when it comes time to restock.

Candles and Lanterns Pose a Fire Hazard 

When the lights go out and it’s nighttime, what’s first on the agenda? That’s right — lighting up every candle or camping lantern you can find. However, doing so can put you and your loved ones in jeopardy. An estimated 23,600 residential fires are caused by candles, resulting in over 1,500 civilian injuries, 160+ fatalities, and nearly $400 million in direct property loss.

Live Life, Uninterrupted in the Event of a Power Outage

Power outages undoubtedly take away most of what we enjoy in our homes. However, there are myriad hidden dangers that come standard with a blackout. We’ve outlined what you should do when your power goes out — but, in truth, when you partner with Colonial Generators, you’ll never have to wonder.

We believe a power outage is simply not worth risking your property and your life — as well as the lives of babies, older adults, and pets. Fortunately, our team of generator installers is at the ready to ensure you never have to worry about these dangers ever again.

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