Cummins Onan Recreational Vehicle Generators

Ccumman onan RV generatorolonial Generators carries a full line of RV generators and generators emergency and commercial vehicles and utility trucks.  Our number one line is Cummins Onan.  Cummins is the leader in commercial and industrial generators.  Their generators power some the world’s biggest industries.  Cummins is the technological leader in generation power they build some of the best mobile generators on the market today.  Cummins owns the market share for recreational vehicles RV’s and they also provide mobile power for Ambulances, Emergency Medical Service Trucks, Fire Trucks, Power Utility Trucks, Food Service Trucks and more.

Any mobile vehicle that requires ancillary power is perfect for a mobile generator.   Here is a list of all of our mobile and RV generators.

Colonial Generators sells, services and installs mobile and RV generators.  Please contact us for a free quote on your truck or ambulance fleet.  Ask for Rob or Eric at (610) 425-0782.