Caffe Lamberti – Restaurant Generator

Emergency Back Power for Restaurant just installed a 100 kW Cummins generator on the rooftop of Caffe Aldo Lamberti located in Cherry Hill, NJ.  This landmark restaurant has a seating capacity for approximately 500 people and the have a large catering and private party business with approximately 10 private dining and outdoor seating rooms.  On December 25th, 2015, the restaurant suffered a power outage.  As a result it lost significant revenue while suffering losses due to refunds, cancellations, food losses and operations.  In May 2016, Colonial Generators installed a 100 kW Cummins generator on the roof of the restaurant.  We  helped provide the analysis in choosing the best generator for the project and handled permitting, delivery and installation.  Our engineers provided a smooth installation process which took one day for unit.

Caffe Lamberti’s has a huge catering and private party business in addition to being a very popular restaurant serving southern NJ.  They realized how much business risk they had by not protecting their business from a power outage.  The loss of one night’s business easily justifies the cost of an emergency power generator.  Sadly, most people wait until after a power outage to realize that the investment cost and cost of ownership is affordable and can easily pay for itself with on power failure.  Any business that has perishables or that serves consumers should consider standby power generators.  Caffe Lamberti learned the hard way but at the end of the day – their customers special events will never be interrupted again from a loss of power.  
Caffe Lamberti
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