Is a Generator a Good Investment?

We have 2 answers for this – both are yes.

Home Values:  In most cases, having a generator installed not only will it pay for itself but it will increase the value of your home by several thousand dollars. Not to mention the money it can save you in basement repair costs – imagine that there’s a heavy rain and your sump pump has stopped working because you’ve lost power! It also can protect your home from frozen pipes if you were to loose your heat. At minimum, a generator provides great security from such an unfortunate occurrence. Generators can be extremely attractive to an informed buyer. In fact, many new home builders are now offering backup power systems as an optional item.

Peace of Mind:  For those of us that have lost power before, the mere thought of losing power causes worry about many things.  The health and welfare of our families, the lost food, potential broken pipes and water damage and more.  Knowing that you always have standby power provide peace of mind.  The investment may be hard to calculate but most of our clients now report the investment was well worth it.