How to tell what size generator is most appropriate for my home

We get this question a lot.  The truth is that it really depends.  It depends on how often you experience power outages, how long the outages last and what your expectations are when the power goes out.  From a pure capacity standpoint – you should get a generator that meets the actual usage of your home.  It’s easy to figure out – just look at your utility bill.  In the example below this home’s peak usage was 17kW.  In the event of power outage, a unit size of approximately 17 kW will keep all the power running.  A unit size smaller may not power all of your hvac or appliance.  Our team can help you figure out the optimal size and hvac/appliance coverage.

simple rule of thumb to estimate generator size

If you are worried about a local or regional power failure and want complete control over your power options – a residential generator is a great option.  They can run for a long time on natural gas and liquid propane.