Does a Generator Require Maintenance?

Like anything, a generator does require some minimal preventative maintenance to keep it up and running.  It’s a system that has a small engine, generates electricity and burns fuel – either natural gas or Propane.  Every engine has moving parts that requires a little maintenance to keep it healthy.  Your generator, like your car requires preventative maintenance.  Here are some logical tips:

  • Keep the generator free and clear of all snow and debris
  • Check the oil regularly; keep extra oil on hand to add if needed (we can do this for you)
  • If propane or diesel fueled ensure adequate fuel supply

You should know how to obtain the error code from the generator in the event of troubleshooting.  We will train you on this and monitor your system as well.  This is something that the technician would have gone over with you at the time of installation.

Please call our offices with any questions that you may have about service, trouble shooting and yearly preventative maintenance.